Chris Kaiser-Bunbury
Applied Network Ecology and Island Conservation  
Chris Kaiser-Bunbury
Research highlights     

Two new exciting research projects awarded by the DFG on ecological networks and conservation (August 2017). Check out the updates on Research Gate

Kaiser-Bunbury et al. 2017 Nature

We show that restoration increased pollination and strengthened resilience of pollination networks.

We were recently filmed by Pierre Lane (director) and Camera Lucida Production for France Ô during field work on Bernica inselberg. To see two short clips of the programme see here.


Edwards et al. 2015, New Phytologist

Research interests     

I'm interested in ecological resilience and evolutionary processes on islands to assess ecosystem responses to anthropogenic change.


Research areas: 

Network analysis

Plant-pollinator interactions

Island ecology and evolution

Community ecology

Biodiversity conservation






ckaiser-bunbury (at)

B1|02, Room 206

PD Dr Christopher Kaiser-Bunbury

Heisenberg Fellow

Department of Biology

TU Darmstadt

Schnittspahnstr. 3

64287 Darmstadt



Phone +49 6151 16-20038

 Research projects  

Heisenberg fellowship (DFG)

An innovative network approach in biodiversity research and nature conservation


DFG research project

1) Spatio‐temporal responses of ecosystem functions to ecological restoration (2017-2020)

2) Predicting the effects of exotic species on network structure and consequences for ecosystem functions (2017-2020)

3) A novel experiment approach with complex pollination network analysis to quantify the impact of habitat restoration on ecosystem integrity (2013-2017)

Seychelles Islands Foundation & ETH Zurich

​Demographic structure, reproduction and genetic diversity of coco de mer Lodoicea maldivica

Spanish Research Council

PI Prof. Anna Traveset

Importance of single and double plant-vertebrate mutualisms on islands: double benefits and double risks?

Curriculum vitae                              


Since 2015 Honorary Lecturer University of Seychelles


Since 2013 Research Fellow at TU Darmstadt, Ecological Networks (Prof. Nico Blüthgen)


2010-2013 Post-doc at Aarhus University, Ecology & Genetics (Prof. Jens M. Olesen)

2006-2010 Post-doc at ETH Zurich, Ecosystem Management group (Prof. Jaboury Ghazoul) and Plant Ecology group (Prof. Peter Edwards)


2015 Habilitation at TU Darmstadt, Networks in island ecology: A synergistic approach to connect ecological theory with conservation application

2006 PhD at University of Zurich, Functional integrity of plant-pollinator communities in restored habitats in Mauritius

2002 Diploma at University of Bonn, Biology Diploma/MSc at University of Bonn and University of East Anglia, UK





Peer-reviewed papers

33. Morgan EJ, Kaiser-Bunbury CN, Edwards PJ, Fleischer-Dogley F & Kettle CJ. In Press. Tracing coco de mer’s reproductive history: pollen and nutrient limitation reduce fecundity. Ecology & Evolution.

32. Morgan EJ, Kaiser-Bunbury CN, Edwards PJ, Fleischer-Dogley F & Kettle CJ. In Press. Keeping it in the family: strong fine-scale genetic structure and inbreeding in Lodoicea maldivica, the largest-seeded plant in the world. Conservation Genetics.

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29.  Rocha S, Perera A, Bunbury N, Kaiser-Bunbury CN & Harris DJ. in press. Speciation history and species-delimitation within the Seychelles Bronze geckos, Ailuronyx spp.: molecular and morphological evidence. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society

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Other publications

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Background photo by Sabrina van de Velde