Philipp Hönle
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Since 2018

PhD Student, Topic: Ant Ecology in Ecuador

Supervisors: N. Blüthgen & K. Mody


Study of Biology at the Julius Maximilians University Würzburg: Tropical Ecology, Behavior, Chemical Ecology, Insect Taxonomy

Bachelor Thesis: “ Optimal Route selection and learning in the Matebele Ant Megaponera analis” Supervisor: Prof. K.E. Linsenmair

Master Thesis: "Diet specialization of Neotropical army ants" Supervisors: B. Fiala & C. von Beeren


 Research Interests     


I work with ants, and I'm interested in all topics surrounding them, including their ecology, taxonomy, chemistry, genetics and behavior

I'm especially fond of tropical ant species, with which I worked in West Africa, South-East Asia, and in Central- and South America. But I'm also familiar with European ant species.

My current main research focusses on ant ecology in Ecuador (Province Esmeraldas). Here, I work mainly with predation networks of army ants.





 Interested in Ants?  

​Just contact me! I always like to talk about ants, exchange research ideas or maybe just chat about ant keeping. 




philipp.hoenle92 (at)

B1|01, Room 260

Philipp Hönle

Fachbereich Biologie

Technische Universität Darmstadt

Schnittspahnstr. 3

64287 Darmstadt



Phone +49 6151 16 – 75415

 Research funded by 




(3) Hoenle, P.O., Blüthgen, N., Brückner, A., Kronauer, D.J.C., Fiala, B., Donoso, D.A., Smith, A., Ospina Jara, B., von Beeren, C. (in review) Species-level predation network uncovers high prey specificity in a Neotropical army ant community. Molecular Ecology

(2) Brückner, A., Hoenle, P.O., von Beeren, C. (2018) Mandibular gland chemistry of Eciton army ants: a chemo- evolutionary perspective. PeerJ 6:e5319; doi: 10.7717/peerj.5319. 

(1) Frank, E.T.F., Hoenle, P.O., Linsemair, K.E. (2018) Time-optimized path choice in the termite hunting ant Megaponera analisJournal of Experimental Biology 221: jeb174854 doi: 10.1242/jeb.174854

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